1. It is the policy of Cobb Beauty College to cooperate fully with all city, state, or federal police officials. Cooperation shall include providing basic statistical information about students (as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act in the School Catalog), delivery of a student or employee to an officer for arrest, or providing first-hand information (regarding witnesses, victims, etc.) about a student during the course of an investigation. Cooperation does not mean encouraging, provoking, or inviting police activity to campus without authorization.
  2. It is the policy of Cobb Beauty College that students, staff, and instructors should report all real or suspected criminal activity directly to the owners (or in the absence of an Owner, to the Lead Instructor). The Owner or Lead Instructor shall notify police (telephone #911) in case of immediate or impending crisis situations. If no immediate crisis is expected, then the Owner or Lead Instructor shall consult with the victim and upon assessment, either notify proper authorities or have the victim notify the authorities. In either case, a full written report shall be made by the owners and the report secured in the School office.
  3. The School is open and fully accessible only during regular operating hours. At all other times, the building is secured by locks and a security system.
  4. A bi-annual seminar covering crime prevention (given by local police officials) will be held on campus for all students and employees.
  5. It is the intent of Cobb Beauty College to comply fully with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. This School is committed to the safety of its students and personnel and to the quality of the services that are delivered to the citizens of this city and surrounding communities. We will take every reasonable precaution to prevent injury, loss of life and/or property as well as loss of productivity. In an effort to reach this goal, we hereby establish a drug-free School and campus policy in accordance with the Drug-Free Work Place Act of 1988 and hereby state our intention of compliance with additional federal requirements regarding notification of drug convictions.
  6. The illegal use, distribution, sale, or possession of narcotics, alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances while attending classes or being on School property is prohibited and may result in termination. This policy also restricts certain items, such as drug paraphernalia and/or literature promoting illegal drugs or substance use, from being brought onto School property.
  7. The School owners are available to assist if a student or employee wishes to discuss a problem associated with drugs or alcohol. A number of drug and alcohol abuse services are offered by the community. Additional information is available from the owners.
  8. A bi-annual alcohol and drug abuse seminar for all students and employees will be provided on campus by a local law enforcement agency.
  9. An annual “Statistics on Campus Crimes” report shall be compiled and a signed copy shall be kept on file in the records of each employee or student.