Health and Safety

Cobb Beauty College, Inc. provides a clean and safe environment for its staff, students, and clients.


This health and safety plan services CBC and represents all employees, staff, faculty, and students that use the CBC facilities.


The Director of Student Services and the Lead Educator are responsible for maintaining safe work practices in their respective units, including required health and safety training for other employees or instructors. CBC requires all employees to comply with the health and safety regulations, with departmental policies and procedures that apply to their own conduct on the job, and to report accidents, injuries, and unsafe conditions to their supervisor.

New Employee Health and Safety Orientation

Supervisors of newly hired employees are responsible for performing New Employee Safety Orientations which must include instruction in the following:

  1. Reporting procedures for fire, police, or medical emergencies;
  2. Evacuation procedures during an emergency;
  3. Location of fire alarm pull-stations and fire extinguishers; Employees using fire extinguishers must have previously received training;
  4. Procedures for reporting all accidents and incidents to their supervisors and completing a written accident or incident report;
  5. Procedures for reporting unsafe conditions or acts to their supervisors, and, when possible, taking action to correct unsafe conditions;
  6. Exact location of first-aid kits and identification of first-aid certified employees;
  7. Description of chemical hazards to which they may be exposed;
  8. Identification and explanation of all warning signs and labels used in their work area;
  9. Use and care of any personal protective equipment they are required to use;
  10. Description of safety training they will be required to attend for their job.
  11. Procedures for safe use of specialized equipment and machinery, if required.

Emergency Medical

Emergency medical numbers are kept on each telephone in the building.  Police and ambulance facilities are near.  The local police patrol the parking lot at night and remain to prepare their reports.  In extremely serious cases, 911 are to be called immediately.  Instructors will assist with minor situations or call an immediate family member for assistance.

Cobb County Emergency Dial 911
Cobb County Police 770-499-3900
Cobb County Fire Dept 770-422-2121
Kennestone Hospital 770-793-6000
Kennesaw Police 770-422-2505
Poison Control 404-616-9000


Student and Client Safety

Students are taught to assist clients getting in and out of chairs and monitor those that are placed under dryers so they will not become too hot.  Students are also cautioned to clean up their stations after each client and pick up items on the floor (hair rollers, water, and other objects) that could cause an accident.  Instructors try to observe other things of which students may not be aware.

Reporting and Investigating Accidents

When and if an accident occurs at the school, any medical assistance is given, and the appropriate accident form is completed.  A follow-up form is to be completed when all actions taken are complete.  These forms shall be filled out by an instructor and filed in the student or employee’s file located in the instructor’s office.

Department First Aid

First aid kits are inspected periodically by the Lead Educator so they can be restocked before running out of an item. First aid kits are available in the Lead Educator’s office. Students who require first aid assistance must complete an accident or incident report form after the matter is resolved and they are safe.

Accident and Illness Prevention

This is the foundation for our Accident Prevention Program. CBC consulted knowledgeable staff to identify possible hazards, and reviewed records of past injuries to understand their causes. CBC visited all work areas, and examined processes from beginning to end to record possible hazardous situations.

Carbon Monoxide Prevention

The school also has Carbon Monoxide monitors in various areas throughout the school, as well as an automatic sprinkler system in case of fire.

Fire Prevention

The school also has Smoke monitors in various areas throughout the school, as well as an automatic sprinkler system in case of fire.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Each employee will be made familiar with his/her escape route depending upon the employee’s working area.  Each individual employee will oversee separate duties depending upon the specific emergency:


Cobb County has emergency siren system in place that will sound in case of severe weather. The school’s radio system broadcast emergency services. In case of severe weather or warning, emergency broadcast are very frequent.  Students and Clients are kept informed through the radio or calls over the PA system.   Building occupants are warned to move away from windows and to proceed to the safest part of the building. (The Back Hall, Classroom or Bathrooms). Clients are instructed to not be under the dryers.  Staff will canvas the area to make sure all are in the safest part of the building.


In case of robbery, staff and students will cooperate with the offenders.  Safety comes first. When opportunity arises, proper authorities will be called.


Lead instructor is in charge of calling 911.  In case of fire on premises or in building, staff will make sure all students and clients are out and away from the building.  Staff will then proceed to nearest exit.  Depending upon the severity of the problem, instructor in charge will determine if necessary to call the fire department or use a fire extinguisher.  The school facility has sufficient fire extinguishers and the building has a sprinkler system.


Try and remain calm.  Cooperate with the offender.  If opportunity arises, all staff should be aware that an emergency telephone is in the stock room to call 911 or the police.  This phone is not connected to the present system.


In case of bomb threat, building will be evacuated immediately.  Instructors are responsible for making sure all student s and clients are accounted for.  Lead instructor is in charge of calling proper authorities.


If a problem situation arises with a student or a client the instructor would first be called to resolve the problem.  If the problem does not get solved, the chain of command will then go to the lead instructor and then to the manager.  If the person is out of control, the manager has the option of calling 911 to have this person removed from the premises.


If a rape situation should arise the proper authorities will be called.  Any medical assistance shall be given and proper counseling for victim encouraged.