To request an official document, please complete the form below.

Current Students

All current students may receive an official transcript or enrollment verification at no additional cost. The official documents must be requested through the website, but may be picked up in the Student Services Department once the student is notified by email that the request has been completed. Official document processing may take between two to seven business days.

Previous Students/Graduates

Students who have graduated or left Cobb Beauty College may request an official transcript, diploma, or account balance by submitting the form below. To receive an official transcript or diploma the balance left on your ledger must be zero. Therefore, all balances owed to the school must be paid in full before an official transcript or diploma will be released. The cost and delivery method of these documents are detailed here:

Official Transcript: $35 + account balance – sealed and mailed to student or school

Diploma: $0 – An appointment will be made for the graduate to pick up their diploma at the school once the student has passed their state board exam, completed exit counselling, and completed the graduate employment questionnaire.

Account Balance – Ledger Statement: $0 – Will be emailed to student within two to seven business days of request.

Official Document Request

  • Official Transcript Request Only

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  • Enrollment Verification Request Only

    In the section below, please include the physical address, email, or fax where you would like your enrollment verification to be sent. Also, include the purpose for this document from the drop down menu.
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