Because every student is a future employee, manager or entrepreneur, you must meet these standards of professionalism, which will prepare you for the demands of your future career:
1. Maintaining a professional appearance is vital to success. A professional appearance includes:

  • Tops: A solid black blouse/shirt must have sleeves that cover the entire underarm area. It must not be see-through, and must cover the student’s entire midsection when they raise their arms. Solid white, gray or black shirt may be worn underneath the solid black blouse/shirt. A solid black button down or zip-up sweater or jacket may be worn over the solid black blouse/shirt.
  • Pants: Solid black scrubs are to be worn by each student. Apparel considered unacceptable includes, but is not limited to: no torn, distressed or embellished pants/slacks, blue jeans, sweatpants, leggings, athletic apparel, yoga pants, shorts, revealing or otherwise unprofessional clothing. Two pairs of black scrubs are included in the students kit; additional uniform scrubs are available for purchase. Master Cosmetology Students are required to wear uniform scrub pants.
  • Dresses/skirts: All dresses and skirts must be at least fingertip length. They must be solid black. If the shortest part of the dress or skirt’s length falls above the knee, solid opaque tights must be worn under the dress/skirt.
  • Footwear: All footwear must be professional in appearance and worn at all times in accordance with individual program guidelines. They must have an enclosed toe and an enclosed heel. They must cover the entire foot and ankle. They may be any color.
  • Accessories: Accessories that are acceptable include, but are not limited to: earrings, necklaces, belts, and suspenders. Unacceptable accessories include, but are not limited to, bangle bracelets, hats, bandannas, and scarves that are deemed to interfere with a service.
  • Identification badges are to be worn as issued during all clocked hours to identify students to clients. If badge is lost, the student must replace it immediately at a cost of $5.00.
  • Cobb Beauty College reserves the right to maintain an esthetic standard for all students, including professional personal hygiene and grooming and, to the extent appropriate, makeup, appropriate facial hair and standard dress code adherence.
  •  Students who, in the reasonable determination of Cobb Beauty College, are not dressed professionally will be dismissed for the day.

2. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and be mindful of the following:

  • To maintain a learning environment for all students, anyone who is disruptive in the classroom or on the clinic floor (rudeness, foul language or other unprofessional behavior) may be dismissed for the day or permanently depending on the severity.
  • Food, candy and gum are allowed in the classroom area only. Beverages can be consumed in the classroom and classroom areas only.
  • Because Cobb Beauty College is a smoke-free facility, smoking is not allowed on school property, surrounding premises or while wearing the Cobb Beauty College uniform.
    d. So as not to interrupt the educational process, students will be notified of emergency phone calls only. Cell phones are prohibited in all classroom clinic areas. Cell phones may be used during lunch upon clocking out.

3. To ensure that each student receives consistent and comprehensive instruction in the classroom and clinical environments, students must remain in assigned areas or receive instructor permission to be in unassigned areas.

4. To benefit from the training and technical experience Cobb Beauty College offers, students must be mentally alert and have a sober state of mind. We strongly support the National Drug Prevention Program, which does not condone the use of controlled substances and intoxicants. Students using nonprescription controlled substances or intoxicants will be terminated.

5. All services or work done by students must be assigned by, performed under the supervision of, and evaluated by an instructor within the educational situation. Students who refuse an assigned service will be dismissed for the remainder of the day. Student kits are to be used for assigned services only. Only authorized solicitation of products, merchandise or services will be considered professional.

6. Students are responsible for their own personal property and are required to provide locks for their lockers and/or lockable stations and to secure their property in these locked areas. For the student to perform professional services, student kits are to be complete at all times. Any missing or damaged kit items must to be replaced by the student within 24 hours. Stealing, cheating, possession of concealed weapons, defacing or damaging student or school equipment will be cause for immediate termination.

7. Cobb Beauty College expects that all students and employees adhere to the United States Copyright Act (Title 17 United States Code) and the related acts, which further define the proper use of copyrighted materials. Computers located in the Cobb Beauty College’s classroom areas are for student use. It is against college policy for students to copy or share copyrighted materials. This includes unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing. It is prohibited for students to use Cobb Beauty College’s information technology systems for these activities.

8. Plan to arrive at school at least 10-15 minutes before scheduled time to prepare for class with all required materials. Credit hours are given for each class attended. Each student is to be in class on time and prepared for the class. Late students are not allowed to enter the classroom, it will be considered an unexcused absence, and no credit will be given for the class.

9. All students are expected to maintain his/her assigned weekly schedule on a regular basis. Tardiness and absences are not excusable unless there is an emergency situation; every student is expected to be in class, ready for the day, and prepared based on his/her schedule.

10. Be on time and consistent with your attendance. Being late or absent will affect your overall performance. This on a regular basis will interfere with your financial aid and your graduation.

11. Students must obtain permission from an instructor before leaving class early or the time out will be considered an unexcused absence.

12. Students who miss a class can make-up the time by scheduling make up time with the Lead Educator.

13. Students who are scheduled on Saturdays will be charged a $50 No Call/No Show fee if they fail to attend as scheduled.

14. All students are required to call the school at least thirty minutes prior to their scheduled start time on any given day when they know they will be late arriving or absent for the day. The student must speak to an employee that will document your call. Do not text or send a message with another student.

15. Schedule changes are a $100 fee and must be submitted through Student Services.

16. Students are required to sign-in and clock-in upon entering the school each day. Students are required to sign-out and clock-out and sign-in and clock-in for each break or lunch time taken during the day. Upon leaving the school for the day, students are required to sign-out and clock-out.

17. Leaves of absence for personal or serious medical situations require a written application, backed by medical certificates where necessary. Leaves can extend no longer than one-hundred and eighty days per calendar year.

18. If a student falls below satisfactory academic, seventy-five percent GPA, or sixty-seven percent attendance progress, that student will be put on probation. Students may be allowed one disbursement of Federal Financial Aid during a probation period.

19. It is the student’s responsibility to read the rules, catalog, contract and any paperwork. It is the student’s responsibility to be in school on time and in classes as scheduled. It is the student’s responsibility to realize that this training is above the high school level and students are expected to act and treat all with respect.

Daily attendance is critical, as proper time management is crucial to the success of a salon/spa professional. The Institute is a clock hour institution, therefore clocking in and out is extremely important. Students are expected to clock in upon arrival, out for lunch, and out at the end of the day. Students must clock out each time they leave the building, and back in when they return.

Cobb Beauty College can only issue credit for hours that are properly documented. Cobb Beauty College will honor documented daily time earned. It is the student’s responsibility to clock in and out. Students are required to clock in no later than the exact minute school begins for the day. Students are not permitted to clock in unless they are in adherence with the Institute dress code and prepared to begin training for the day. Students who are in attendance for five hours or more get a thirty minute lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. Lunch times are scheduled by student. Times will vary by day and depend on classroom and clinic schedules. Students must be clocked back in from their meal period no later than 45 minutes after the start of their break.

Any Title IV aid recipient who has zero attendance and (no approved Leave of Absence) for 14 consecutive days or greater will immediately be terminated.

• If a student is absent more than 36 hours during Level 1, they will be subject to a class transfer.
• Students not maintaining an acceptable attendance record will be subject to a class transfer.

Cobb Beauty College is dedicated to providing hands-on professional training in the field of cosmetology. Part of the responsibility to the student and to our professional colleagues is to provide prospective employers with a true evaluation of the student’s ability, behavior and attitude.

To do this Cobb Beauty College must witness student responsibility during training. A responsible student, like a valued employee, is at work at the assigned time. They have planned ahead for child-care, back-up, child-care, weather conditions, etc. Patrons and fellow students are inconvenienced when a student does not meet his/her responsibility of being on time. In order to ensure students obtain the skills necessary for professional success, Cobb Beauty College expects students to maintain a cumulative attendance of not less than 90%. This means that a student is physically present and actively engaged in training for not less than 90% of their scheduled attendance. Failure to maintain a 90% cumulative attendance percentage may result in the student being subject to professionalism counseling with representatives of Cobb Beauty College’s professional development team.

If an extended leave is necessary, please see the Leave of Absence section of this catalog. In order to ensure that the provided education and training is properly maintained, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work and assignments during an absence. Failure to maintain adequate attendance and/or failure to make up missed work and/or assignments may prevent a student from advancing to a subsequent level in their program.

Statement of Non-Discrimination
Cobb Beauty College does not discriminate in admission or access to our program on the basis of age, race, color, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, financial status, veteran status or national origin.

Policies and Procedures

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Authorized School Complaint Procedure Law

Authorized School Complaint Procedure

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964