The word, “cosmetology,” is derived from the Greek root, “kosmetikos,” which means “beautifying.” Thus, it is the role of the cosmetologist to be knowledgeable and skillful in all applications of beauty treatments. This ranges from the cutting and styling of hair to the treatment and care of the nails and skin. A licensed cosmetologist has the ability and skill to take on the creative task of transforming whatever they touch into something beautiful and exciting. Our cosmetology training curriculum (listed below) gives an idea of what subjects will be covered and their related hour requirements.

Cosmetology Curriculum

Classroom 250 hours
Theory 100 hours
Hair Cutting & Shaping 125 hours
Shampoo, Style, etc. 280 hours
Hair coloring 140 hours
Hair & Scalp Treatments 50 hours
Permanent Waves 180 hours
Facials, Make-up & Arching 55 hours
Personal Improvement (Social Skills) 50 hours
Nail Procedures 90 hours
Chemical Relaxing 100 hours
Laboratory 50 hours
Salon Management 30 hours
Minimum Total Hours 1500 hours

Cosmetology students must complete 1,500 credit hours and 1,500 clock hours at our beauty school before graduation. Clock hours are accrued by “clocking” in whenever present at the school, while credit hours are gained by performing actual tasks. Cosmetology students must attend school a minimum of 10 months, meeting the required attendance as regulated by the Georgia State Cosmetology Board. The Cosmetology Program at CBC enables a student to take the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Examination and to pursue an excellent career in the various fields of Cosmetology.




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