A. A student who transfers from another Cosmetology school must provide Cobb Beauty College with the following documents:

  1. Certification of hours from the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology or an approved school of cosmetology
  2. Proof of satisfactory progress from the school from which the student is transferring
  3. Meet all other requirements for admission at Cobb Beauty College as listed under Beginning Freshman
  4. Assume financial responsibility of calculated course charges

B. Transfer students must purchase, or have an acceptable and approved kit and books, to comply with Cobb Beauty College standards. Tuition will be charged at the rate that is in effect at the time of the transfer.

C. A student who transfers from Cobb Beauty College to another school must do the following:

  1. Submit a written request to transfer to another school;
  2. Meet all financial obligations to Cobb Beauty College;
  3. Have been counseled by the Compliance Office;
  4. Have a formal exit interview with the school’s Compliance Office. The Student must make an appointment within 10 days of the last day of attendance at the school with the compliance office for an exit interview and to complete any necessary paperwork. The student will not be assisted on a drop-in basis.


Applicants for transfer into Cobb Beauty College are considered on an individual basis. Cobb Beauty College may, at its discretion, refuse transfers if admission requirements, including tuition, cannot be met. The determination of the hours accepted for transfer will be based on an examination of the individual’s technical skills and knowledge of the program and subject matter. Cobb Beauty College does not award credit for prior experiential learning.
Former students seeking re-enrollment to Cobb Beauty College should contact the Admissions department to inquire about re-enrollment.
Tuition shall be calculated based on the credit hours needed (as defined by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology) to complete the course selected. One clock hour will be allowed to complete one credit hour. A transfer student will be charged $15.00 per clock hour for number of clock hours needed to complete his/her selected course. The supply fee will be prorated based on needed clock hours, and the transfer student may be required to purchase books or equipment he/she needs to complete his/her selected course. The Registration Fee shall be $100.00 dollars or 15% of the calculated tuition, whichever is less. The Placement Assessment Fee for testing during the first week of school will be $175. Transfer students are not eligible for a diploma from Cobb Beauty College.

Listed below are the requirements in order to qualify to transfer from another school:

  1.  Official Transcript of hours from Georgia State Board of Cosmetology or board-approved school of cosmetology
  2. Proof of satisfactory progress while at the school from which the student is transferring
  3. Meet all other requirements for admission at Cobb Beauty College as listed under Admissions


The rules and regulations governing financial aid programs, a student cannot directly transfer to a different program after starting a school program. In order for the student to change his/her course of study, the student must withdraw from his/her current program. Any tuition refunds due will be computed and processed as described in the student catalog. The student must then enroll in the new course of study as any new student. Students are encouraged to thoroughly review his/her options before making any type of transfer. Most hours earned in one program do not transfer to another program, for example, if a nail technician student earns 200 hours in the Nail Technician Program, only 90 hours can be transferred to the Cosmetology Program.


Students wishing to be readmitted after withdrawing or being dropped from the program need to apply through the admissions office. Applications will be reviewed with the Lead Educator, Financial Aid Department, and Admissions Department. Students may not re-enroll until six months after the last date of attendance. Students accepted for re-enrollment will be charged a $100 registration fee to accompany their application. Tuition costs will be assessed as a transfer students at rate of $15.00/hour to complete the program. Financial Aid awarded for re-enrollment may not be used to pay previous balances owed. Balances must be paid or on a payment plan and have made six consecutive payments before re-enrollment.